The Let Go-Know About Us

Download: Know About Us

This is my jam right now. Spin the track.


Hot Out the Oven: Trouble Andrew

Once again, I’m super sorry for the slow week. This mixtape came out today tho and I’ve been jammin’ to it. Its an electronica/pop artist, Trouble Andrew, with a tons of collabs including Santigold, Curren$y, and GLC. Give it a listen, it’s got some awesome songs. Spin the track.

Download: The Trouble Gang Mixtape

This is the only preview of the mixtape I could scramble up. It’s actually a pretty sick vid., I’m also an avid snowboarder tho, so freestyle sports are my shit. NOTE**the song starts like a minute in.

Back to the music…

I’ve been caught up with finals and slept on a couple dope tracks that dropped this weekend. Hope everyone is digging the new layout..I’ll be experimenting with the layout a bit. This is a typical club banger, something to obnoxiously blast in the car, etc. These guys go a little crazy with the auto-tune but its a hot beat and catchy hook. Spin the track.

Download: Soundsick

Hello world.

The Baker’s Dozen has been moved from blogspot to wordpress to provide you with the best web services and keep me in school and out of prison. Long story short, the site has been picking up a lot of attentionĀ  (thank you!) and it raised a flag with blogspot bcuz some of my posts don’t sync with google’s laws on posting mp3’s (blogspot is owned by google). The downloads are all free music at no cost or penalty to you so keep following and Spin the track!