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Hot Out the Oven: B.o.B

Download: B.o.B-Generation Lost

If you still need convincing that B.o.B. is hot fire…give this a listen and then download The Adventures of Bobby Ray. I loved the album, it has a couple songs that are amazing but after awhile B.o.B starts to sound the same in a lot of his tracks. Luckily he has tons of songs of all different styles so you can always find something to bump to. Spin the track.


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2 responses to “Hot Out the Oven: B.o.B

  1. Mike ⋅

    Hey man, just wanted to drop in and say keep grinding and keep up the good work, i’ve been digging your blog for a while now.

    Anyway, on the subject of B.o.B, have you heard this song off of Bruno Mars’ upcoming EP?

    Bruno, Cee-Lo, and B.o.B all do their thing in their own way on this track…its not really hip-hop, but its a damn good tune either way.

  2. kudzilla

    Good to hear you’re digging the music. I’m feeling this song and have had it for a few days but i wasn’t too sure if people would give it a play or not. Deff appreciate the input tho, I’ll throw this up and I have a few more tracks to post but I’ve been real busy this week. Good looks and anytime u find something worth a listen, hit me up.

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