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Back in Action!

First and foremost, my apologies for taking an unannouced leave of absence. I had a busy summer and had no time to keep up with the site. Fortunately, I managed to keep up with most of the music that came out this summer and had time to weed out the garbage from the hot product. I have tons of music from the summer that I’ll be posting, a little old but straight-up quality. To kick it off, this is off of Big Boi‘s album Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son of Chico Dusty. I haven’t given the entire album a listen but I’ve only heard good things thus far (ya you Doug).

Download: Big Boi-Shutterbug


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Music keeps my world spinning. Just tryin' to enlighten and spread some quality sound.

One response to “Back in Action!

  1. Chico Dusty is the album of the year!!!!!!

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