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No Chiddy, Just BANG.

Good music is usually a blend of good lyrics/word play that compliment a good beat/melody (or vice-versa depending who you talk to). If you’ve been visiting The Bakery for awhile, you probably find just as much amusement as I do when I listen to the radio and I hear Chiddy Bang and/or Mike Posner. I’m sure most of you have heard of Chiddy Bang and to my surprise, a lot people think that it’s the name of a single rapper. Chiddy Bang is actually a duo which consists of rapper Chidera and producer [DJ] Xaphoon Jones. Xaph is the mastermind behind all the beats to Chiddy Bang’s songs (The white guy you always see but never hear rapping). Chiddy Bang’s remix of “Kids” is an example of the genius of Xaphoon Jones. He samples MGMT’s mega-hit “Kids,” and creates the catchy electro-pop beat that we all love. As sick as Chiddy (the rapper) is, he probably would be just another blog superstar without the unique sound that Xaphoon adds to Chiddy Bang. In summary…Chidera + Xaphoon Jones= Chiddy + Bang.

Xaphoon Jones has done some solo work as well and its” pretty much amazing.” He is a mash-up artist and has a few remixes that are well worth a listen. Just think of Chiddy Bang…without Chiddy on the track. Check out his entire mixtape Xaphoon Jones Volume One . I’m not crazy about mash-ups but these are some gems. Spin the Track!

I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT)

Radar Detector

Testify (Radiohead, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco)

Bad Day


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