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Sorry for the slow week…

I’ve been swamped with work for the past week and in my spare time I murdered a season of the Showtime series The Tudors. The first season is extremely entertaining and I highly recommend it for anyone into European history… or  medieval sex scenes (my roommates). As for music, I went to a concert last week featuring Macklemore, Blue Scholars, and today’s post Outasight. Outasight just signed with Warner Bros and I managed to chat with him after his performance at Paradise in Boston. His music matches his personality 100%. I’m not sure the best way to describe his music…a lot of singing, pop beats, and some white-boy rap flow. Surprisingly dope tho. Spin the track!

Download: Never Say Never Mixtape

Here is a playlist with a few tracks off his mixtape:

This song came out about a year ago and is the only song I had from Outasight prior to going to his show last week. Big fan of the beat, Asher Roth drops a verse as well…its a gem.

Download: Catch Me If You Can remix


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One response to “Sorry for the slow week…

  1. Simba Foolz ⋅

    hot song but outsaught rhymes felt kinda weak

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