My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

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I don’t have any solid reasons as to why I havn’t posted anything in the past week other than sheer apathy and laziness, my bad. This song is absolute quality so hopefully that compensates for my hiatus.. Spin the track

Download: Perfeck Strangers-Work to Do ft. Drake

Hot Out The Oven: Charles Hamilton

It’s been a turbulent year for Chuck. Seems like he is back on his feet (literally) and back to making music. Besides the depressing content of the song, it’s got an uptempo beat to it. A lot of singing on this one…not sure if thats a new direction for CH but this track is tolerable. Happy Monday.

Download: All Alone

Hot Out the Oven: T.I.

The King has been busier than ever since getting out of jail. He is rumored to have over 80 new tracks to craft an album from. Although his way with words may have saved a life, he failed to muster a convincing statement to the judge after a probation violation and is now back in prison. Looks like another year will go by before an LP and the throne down south will remain vacant. For now, I look forward to the leaks in the next few months. This track is classic Tip, bound to stack scrilla on iTunes when it hits the peoples…get it while its fresh. Spin the track!

Download: T.I. ft. Jazmine Sullivan

Hot Out The Oven: J. Cole

I have a bad habit of clinging on to certain music or musicians and am certainly guilty of “dick riding” some of the artists I throw up. Last year it was Chiddy Bang/ Cudi, lately it’s been Kanye (but so has the rest of the world), and now its this dude Jermaine. I’m gonna try and be as real as possible in the ensuing months but you gotta understand…this is no Cali Swag District -Waka Flack-one hit wonder bullsh*t.

If you’ve been sleeping on J.Cole, I think its time to wake up. Realistically, most of the emerging artists don’t exhibit the fundamental tools of hip-hop needed to have an impact in the game. Carolina’s young spitta is one of the few exceptions; he’s got flow, tight lyrics, great production (often done by himself), and mass appeal. J.Cole’s music forecasts success and longevity, much like his mentor Jay-Z who is widely considered to be The GOAT. I’ll keep it brief this time around and will let the music speak for itself. But before you turn a blind eye to this post/musician…let me rattle out some facts you may or may not know.

1. J.Cole was the first artist to be signed under Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation.

2. J.Cole graduated Magna Cum Laude (“with great honor”) from St. John’s University in NYC

3. J.Cole was named to XXL magazine 2010 top freshmen list.

4. J.Cole has headlined concerts across the country and will be hopping on a euro-tour with Drake, with just 2 official singles, 2 mixtapes, and no albums.

Lastly, J.Cole is set to drop his 3rd mixtape, Friday Night Lights, at the end of this week. This is the first track off of the mixtape and simply put…I’m f**king hyped. Spin the track.

P.S. I landed a spot as a writer for largely due to an earlier post about J.Cole which I wrote for Yo!BC raps. The site is a Kanye inspired forum for discussion on all things Kanye and hip-hop/urban culture as a whole. Kanye tweeted a link to the launching of the site and I was lucky enough to submit a sample of writing (the J.Cole post) and am one of several writers. The concept is pretty dope but unfortunately the folks in charge are all vehement Kanye fans so its a bit bias and groupie-ish. Regardless, its got thousands of followers world wide and is a way bigger deal than the peasant work I do here at The Baker’s Dozen. Check it out.

Download: J. Cole “Before I’m Gone”