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Kid Cudi-Man on the Moon II: Legend of Mr. Rager

This guys is absolutely ridiculous in every sense of the word. The album drops next week, Nov. 9., so be sure to give it a listen. I copped the leak and its just as dope as his debut album. Here is a little preview…enjoy.

Ashin Kusher

I guess he really does rage:


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3 responses to “Kid Cudi-Man on the Moon II: Legend of Mr. Rager

  1. KBeck ⋅

    You liked this? I listened to it and thought it was absolutely terrible…I couldn’t even finish listening to the whole album.

    • kudzilla

      Big fan of Ashin Kusher. Other trax I fux with…Mojo So Dope, Scott Mescudi vs. The World (Cee-Lo kills the hook), Erase Me, Mr. Rager, and MariJuana. Idk y but Cudi always does it for me.

  2. KBeck ⋅

    I was big on cudi when his first album dropped and was still feelin’ him with all the G.O.O.D. music shit, but this album was a big let down to me. It’s way too electronic for my liking, but hey, whatever floats your boat my man.

    P.s.- I fuck with this site, it’s sick!

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