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Something Different: Matt & Kim

As much as I love urban culture, I’m not a hip-hop head. Guilty pleasure: Indie/Alternative rock. I’m gonna try something different and throw this up and see how many hits it gets. If people are feeling it, I might have to diversify and expand my posts. If you hate this ish…chirp up and leave a comment. Here are two new tracks from Matt & Kim. If you haven’t heard “Daylight,” then just skip over this post. Spin the track.

Download: Good for Great

Download: Cameras


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Music keeps my world spinning. Just tryin' to enlighten and spread some quality sound.

One response to “Something Different: Matt & Kim

  1. Guy ⋅

    Any reader of this blog who says they don’t like indie/alternative is a joker, because 9 out of the 10 best hip hop tracks dropped this year are direct samples of last year’s top indie/alternative tracks. Not saying this is a bad thing, of course! Keep up the good work, Kudz.

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