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Goodbye Riker’s Island, Hello World.

Hip-hop mogul Lil Wayne will be released from prison tomorrow after serving 8 months in prison. A lot has changed in Weezy’s absence. Drake’s album was a bust, Eminem delivered the comeback of a lifetime, The Republicans took back the House and……oh ya, Kanye West stained everything and anything hip-hop with a dash of G.O.O.D. Although Dwayne managed to maintain relevance behind bars with his album I Am Not A Human Being, Yeezy, Cudi, Consequence, and company have proved to everyone Getting Out Our Dreams is attainable and fruitful. I Am Not a Human Being was all of Lil Wayne’s leftovers from Rebirth and other various endeavors so as expected, it was sub par. Regardless, it debuted at number 1 on iTunes and sold thousands of copies.

November should be a dope month for music. Kid Cudi’s album drops the 9th, Big Sean, Consequence, and Kanye to follow. I’m sure Weezy is eager to hop back in the booth and put YM back on the map so there’s no doubt he’ll be out with some fire. Perhaps some G.O.O.D. Music and Young Money collabs? I can dig it. This is a track off of I Am Not a Human Being, and its reeks Wayne. Not that Rebirth gangsta-rock bs, but some Carter IV type ish. Hopefully Weezy will drop the highly anticipated LP early in 2011. For the mean time, I think this will do. Nicki on the chorus, Wayne steady mobbin’. Spin the track

Download: Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj- “What’s Wrong With Them”


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