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Great “Sampling”… Aviator

Although a good producer utilizes numerous samples to create a completely new melody, I gotta give some credit to all the lazy makeshift producers that find a sick Euro/Indie hit and just loop it. Most of the time the song sampled isn’t that well known and the artist is able to get away with(and take credit) for rapping over someone else’s genius production. Because the music is free, its not really stealing so I guess its not a big deal. I’m pretty sure I’ve thrown this track up already but I heard the original (sampled song) last night and felt it was worth recycling. Aviator is out of Boston University and like Hoodie Allen with Owen Wilson, he found a sick beat that no one in America knows and dropped some verses on it. I’ll post both versions and you can take your pick. Happy Friday. This can pass as a party jam so Spin the Track… tonight.

Download: Röyksopp- “Happy Up Here” [original]

Download: Aviator-“Jai Flow”




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