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OK Lil B: I See You

A recent post from PigeonsAndPlanes founder Confusion inspired me to take a look into the underground world of “TheBasedGod.” For the past year I have refused to listen, promote, or praise anything Lil B does because of the unexplainable following the Bay Area native has amassed. The senseless music that is the foundation of the “based” movement is simply irritating. It’s not good and it’s diluting music as a whole. Someone once told me they listen to Lil B as a joke…”its so bad, that its good.” Well the “ironic fan” as Confusion rightfully puts it, is hard to differentiate from the genuine fan. Yesterday Lil B covertly released his noise-making album “I’m Gay” (I’m Happy). After reading the piece from PnP and being absolutely stunned by Lupe Fiasco’s stamp of approval and appraisal for the album, I decided to give it a spin. To my pleasant surprise, the album was nothing like the slew of garbage that is normally put out by Lil B. In fact, the album is complete and probably worth a listen. I guess all the antics and tomfoolery from Lil B are just a means of publicity and are an ingenious marketing technique. Of course I’m not sure how smart tweeting a free link to your album is but I won’t question TheBasedGod. I am not gonna give my stamp of approval to Lil B nor will I hop on the BasedBand wagon. I am simply saying I think I get it…maybe.


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