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From a distance I may come off as superficial and highly materialistic but I’m actually not that kinda person. I simply enjoy fine clothing and feel its important to be presentable to the world. That being said, I’m a big a fan of accessories. Although rocking accessories is a bit feminine in nature, all guys have their token auxiliary items of dress. Hats, watches, belts, and sunglasses are the conventional add-ons for most guys. Of course the list runs way deeper for women; make-up, jewelry, nail-polish, HAND BAGS, etc. (Ask any girl and she’ll tell you just how essential a hand-bag or purse is to an outfit). Like most men, I don’t  think I’ll ever understand the hype over hand-bags but I’m proud to say I’ve found a close equivalent for bros and nerds alike: The Backpack. As a student, the backpack is often overlooked as a possible means of accessorizing. This prevalent lapse in judgement is the reason why campuses world-wide are brimming with excessively bulky and boring backpacks with unduly compartments and appendages courtesy of The North Face. On occasion you’ll run into one that is pretty crispy but thats a rare site. I know its a little too early to start thinking about class but its a good time to gear up for the fall semester. For $85 you can customize a backpack on NikeID. I’ve been throwing together some fly designs for like 4 months but I’m yet to place my order. Don’t be a lame, go to class with some style.


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One response to “Be wise: ACCESSORIZE

  1. b ⋅

    How did you make the north face backpacks?

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