Looks like Jermaine has followed in the footsteps of Kanye, Swizz Beats, and many others with his weekly Sunday releases titled “Any Given Sunday.” 3 new gems on this one [“Be” Freestyle, Roll Call, and Bring Em In]. Honestly, this guy is untouchable right now. #ColeWorldNoBlanket.

P.S. Part I dropped last week in case you haven’t stepped out your parent’s basement  apartment.

P.P.S- “Bring Em In” is my new anthem.

P.P.P.S (?)- This dropped 40 min ago… TheBakersDozen >2dopeboyz, PnP, NahRight


Guilty Pleasure: Hoodie Allen

A year ago I probably would’ve ranted and raved about Hoodie Allen’s latest mixtape Leap Year. I think it was the sudden exposure and explosion of  frat-rap that drew my attention to artists like Kinetics & One Love, Mac Miller, Chris Webby, Sam Adams, etc. Luckily it was just a phase and I’ve gotten back to my roots thanks to Common, De La Soul, and Yeezy. Nonetheless, I occasionally surf GMAD and catch something I like. Hoodie Allen’s first hit “You Are Not A Robot” was one my favorite tracks last summer. Unfortunately the visual ruined it for me. Steve Markowitz aka ‘Hoodie Allen’ is a 22 year old UPenn grad. I can’t lie, finding out that I was listening to a jewish ivy league dude rap was a bit….disappoingting  embarassing deterring. Finding a word that describes exactly how I feel about a lot of the new music coming out, specifically the new artists, is near impossible. I’ve always been a huge hip-hop enthusiast and it is hard to accept the rapid change and progression of  traditional rap and hip-hop while still classifying it as hip-hop. After listening to Hoodie Allen’s recent mixtape Leap Year I am giving Hoodie my stamp of approval, regardless of genre. In fact, I put Hoodie Allen with the likes of early Kid Cudi and early Asher Roth in terms of sound and content. A bold claim since I believe Kid Cudi is one of the best artists making music right now, and I’m a big fan of Asher Roth (Not only did he [Ash] pioneer a genre, but he is still the very best in a category of music that is exponentially growing. Can’t wait for his sophomore album after hearing this recent leak.) In summary, I like Hoodie Allen and I’m not proud of it, hence the title ‘Guilty Pleasure.’ Give his mixtape a listen because its some quality sound.

P.S. Be on the looks for plenty more “Guilty Pleasure” posts