It’s Been Real

It’s been great hearing feedback and discussing music with all of you over the past 2 years. Unfortunately this is a saturated market and I no longer feel what I have to say is relavent. That being said, the track has been spun. Long live The Bakery.





Looks like Jermaine has followed in the footsteps of Kanye, Swizz Beats, and many others with his weekly Sunday releases titled “Any Given Sunday.” 3 new gems on this one [“Be” Freestyle, Roll Call, and Bring Em In]. Honestly, this guy is untouchable right now. #ColeWorldNoBlanket.

P.S. Part I dropped last week in case you haven’t stepped out your parent’s basement  apartment.

P.P.S- “Bring Em In” is my new anthem.

P.P.P.S (?)- This dropped 40 min ago… TheBakersDozen >2dopeboyz, PnP, NahRight

Guilty Pleasure: Hoodie Allen

A year ago I probably would’ve ranted and raved about Hoodie Allen’s latest mixtape Leap Year. I think it was the sudden exposure and explosion of  frat-rap that drew my attention to artists like Kinetics & One Love, Mac Miller, Chris Webby, Sam Adams, etc. Luckily it was just a phase and I’ve gotten back to my roots thanks to Common, De La Soul, and Yeezy. Nonetheless, I occasionally surf GMAD and catch something I like. Hoodie Allen’s first hit “You Are Not A Robot” was one my favorite tracks last summer. Unfortunately the visual ruined it for me. Steve Markowitz aka ‘Hoodie Allen’ is a 22 year old UPenn grad. I can’t lie, finding out that I was listening to a jewish ivy league dude rap was a bit….disappoingting  embarassing deterring. Finding a word that describes exactly how I feel about a lot of the new music coming out, specifically the new artists, is near impossible. I’ve always been a huge hip-hop enthusiast and it is hard to accept the rapid change and progression of  traditional rap and hip-hop while still classifying it as hip-hop. After listening to Hoodie Allen’s recent mixtape Leap Year I am giving Hoodie my stamp of approval, regardless of genre. In fact, I put Hoodie Allen with the likes of early Kid Cudi and early Asher Roth in terms of sound and content. A bold claim since I believe Kid Cudi is one of the best artists making music right now, and I’m a big fan of Asher Roth (Not only did he [Ash] pioneer a genre, but he is still the very best in a category of music that is exponentially growing. Can’t wait for his sophomore album after hearing this recent leak.) In summary, I like Hoodie Allen and I’m not proud of it, hence the title ‘Guilty Pleasure.’ Give his mixtape a listen because its some quality sound.

P.S. Be on the looks for plenty more “Guilty Pleasure” posts

The only people who should be shedding any tears over this crack head are close friends and immediate relatives. I don’t know her struggle and I’ll do my best to refrain from judgement but all this R. I. P. Amy Winehouse propaganda is uncalled for. I’m not saying she deserved her fate but she definitely should’ve gone to rehab.

Watch The Throne

Jay-Z and Kanye West are amongst the most influential men in hip-hop and urban culture. Truthfully, I’ve never been a big fan of Jay-Z but there is no denying Hov is a boss so I can’t knock the hustle. As for Kanye, as much as I praise his work and respect his genius, he is real hit or miss with me sometimes. That being said, Watch The Throne is set to drop in about 2 weeks and we’ve been blessed with 2 singles. From what I’ve read, my opinions seem to concur with those of the masses, albeit the so-called “experts” seem to think otherwise.

“H.A.M” sounds like a B-Sides track that should’ve never left the vaults. It’s a great acronym and its definitely worked its way into everyday use but the elementary rhymes and grandiose Rick-Ross beat doesn’t suit Ye-Z.

“Otis” is promising but doesn’t meet the standard of quality we’re all accustomed to.

In summary, I’m not expecting alot from this project;  2-3 gems, a few tolerable album fillers, and then 2-3 tracks that will be unchecked in the iTunes library. I’m generally not this pessimisstic but I’ve learned to brace myself and prepare for the worst when it comes to hip-hop releases.

Kendrick Lamar

It’s taken me awhile to warm up to Compton native Kendrick Lamar. To be honest, prior to his  recent J. Cole collab I didn’t have any of his music. I copped his latest release, Section.80, after Pharrell’s stamp of approval and I’m equally impressed. His rhymes are vicious and his content is on a hiiigher level than most veterans. Big ups to K.Dot.


From a distance I may come off as superficial and highly materialistic but I’m actually not that kinda person. I simply enjoy fine clothing and feel its important to be presentable to the world. That being said, I’m a big a fan of accessories. Although rocking accessories is a bit feminine in nature, all guys have their token auxiliary items of dress. Hats, watches, belts, and sunglasses are the conventional add-ons for most guys. Of course the list runs way deeper for women; make-up, jewelry, nail-polish, HAND BAGS, etc. (Ask any girl and she’ll tell you just how essential a hand-bag or purse is to an outfit). Like most men, I don’t  think I’ll ever understand the hype over hand-bags but I’m proud to say I’ve found a close equivalent for bros and nerds alike: The Backpack. As a student, the backpack is often overlooked as a possible means of accessorizing. This prevalent lapse in judgement is the reason why campuses world-wide are brimming with excessively bulky and boring backpacks with unduly compartments and appendages courtesy of The North Face. On occasion you’ll run into one that is pretty crispy but thats a rare site. I know its a little too early to start thinking about class but its a good time to gear up for the fall semester. For $85 you can customize a backpack on NikeID. I’ve been throwing together some fly designs for like 4 months but I’m yet to place my order. Don’t be a lame, go to class with some style.