Cole World.

Hopefully J. Cole becomes a household name in the near future because his talent is hard to come by these days. I’ll keep this brief because I find myself preaching to the choir when it comes to this guy. This track leaked a few weeks ago and I’m stilling bumping it daily. Enjoy.

Download: J. Cole- Cheer up


OVEN FRESH: Common + Colbie Caillat

Other than the fact that it’s poorly written and endorses any and every frat-rap artist, Goodmusicallday is a decent blog. I’m not hatin’, just throwing that out there. Anyway, this is a “GMAD track” so download at your on risk. Its a rare collaboration so I decided to throw it up.

Download: Colbie Caillat- Favorite Song ft. Common

Big Sean: Doin’ it

Finally Famous has been the soundtrack of my summer. Its a perfect blend of the college-rap I can’t escape and the progressive-mainstream hip-hop that I often gravitate towards. Other than some Kanye and Mike Posner collabs, I wasn’t really into B.I. before this debut album. I decided to backtrack and give his mixtapes a listen and I wasn’t disappointed. The second mixtape, Finally Famous Vol. II :UknowBigSean is my personal favorite of the series (other than the album). Well worth a download, pretty much an album.

TheBasedGoddess: KREAYSHAWN

Now this post may seem hypocritical but hear me out. After surfing through some Lil B posts and reading Confusion’s insightful article, I came across another Bay Area sensation who is making some noise as “TheBasedGoddess:” Kreayshawn. I don’t how I’ve slept on this track but it’s my jam right now. It’s stupid, its senseless, and it’s pretty “based” but I love it. I don’t know what it is but I’m all about this chick. Probably because she has that Gwen Stefani swag or because she seems to be less involved with hip-hop and is simply making a splash in the music scene. Forget TheBasedGod I’m trending with the BasedGoddess. “Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother.” Spin the track.

Download: Gucci Gucci

OK Lil B: I See You

A recent post from PigeonsAndPlanes founder Confusion inspired me to take a look into the underground world of “TheBasedGod.” For the past year I have refused to listen, promote, or praise anything Lil B does because of the unexplainable following the Bay Area native has amassed. The senseless music that is the foundation of the “based” movement is simply irritating. It’s not good and it’s diluting music as a whole. Someone once told me they listen to Lil B as a joke…”its so bad, that its good.” Well the “ironic fan” as Confusion rightfully puts it, is hard to differentiate from the genuine fan. Yesterday Lil B covertly released his noise-making album “I’m Gay” (I’m Happy). After reading the piece from PnP and being absolutely stunned by Lupe Fiasco’s stamp of approval and appraisal for the album, I decided to give it a spin. To my pleasant surprise, the album was nothing like the slew of garbage that is normally put out by Lil B. In fact, the album is complete and probably worth a listen. I guess all the antics and tomfoolery from Lil B are just a means of publicity and are an ingenious marketing technique. Of course I’m not sure how smart tweeting a free link to your album is but I won’t question TheBasedGod. I am not gonna give my stamp of approval to Lil B nor will I hop on the BasedBand wagon. I am simply saying I think I get it…maybe.

OVEN FRESH: Chiddy Bang

Listen to: Chiddy Bang ft. Icona Pop-“Mind Your Manners” 

I guess my prayers have been answered. Scratch that last post, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Chiddy performed this live after 9 hours+ of freestyling but here is a CDQ version for streaming via mTV. Apparently this is part of the Madden ’12 soundtrack as well. mTV + Madden + Taco Bell…Swelly.

P.S. Intuition snuffed the original song (“Manners” by Icona Pop) like 3 months ago. Take your pick.


2 years ago I forecasted big things for Philly duo Chiddy Bang. For avid bloggers and music fiends, Chiddy Bang is a household name or better yet -a dorm room or frat house name. Collectively, other than the Guinness World Record freestyle and the new taco bell commercial, Chiddy Bang has been relatively low key. Their latest mixtape PB & Swelly was a disjointed compilation of songs; mediocre samples from Producer Xaphoon and rather basic lyricism from the wordsmith Chiddy made it difficult to listen to. All this wouldn’t really matter if Chiddy Bang had dropped an album already. Mixtapes are the come up right now but to break the college-student demographic you gotta release a real album.

The Swelly Express is still one of my favorite tapes. This is one of several gems.

Download: Chiddy Bang-Decline